Why You Should Be Proud to Be a Salesperson

Why You Should Be Proud to Be a Salesperson

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Hey guys,

Today’s article is around having pride as a salesperson.

I think sales people sometimes have a bad rep in our society…

It’s probably been this way for some time… and to a degree that may or may not change for the most people…

And that’s okay…

Today’s article is meant for you.

What do you think of when you hear the word “salesperson?”

What kind of words come up?

Are they positive words or are they more negative words?

Did you come up with words like,

        • Pushy
        • Slimy
        • Annoying

Or did you come up with words like

        • Helpful
        • Sincere
        • Valuable

You see,

Sales in our society is often known as…

The pushy, high-pressure, aggressive approaches used by characters in movies like Glengarry Glen Ross, or Boiler Room…

However, as one of my first sales managers said to me…

“Tommy, do you know who our biggest enemy is?

Our biggest enemy is other ‘bad’ salespeople…

The people who give real salespeople a bad name…”

And I am confident,

That if you are reading this…

You are NOT those kids of people…

So if you are not one of those people…

You can rest assured that you are a different breed of salesperson…

The breed that you can truly be proud of…

You see,

If you aren’t today proud of being a salesperson… you should



Salespeople make the world go around!


If there were no salespeople in this world…

Nothing would get done!

Nothing would get sold! (Obviously)

Which would mean no businesses could operate!

Which would mean no salaries could be paid!

Which would mean, nothing would happen! At all…


So be proud that you’re a salesperson.

Be proud that you’re someone who is out there making things happen.

Being a mover and a shaker!

To me,

A salesperson is a person of influence,

They are a person of magnetism and a person of power.

They are not only helping business and the world operate…

They are literally bringing about change…

And helping the world evolve through the work that they do!

So be proud that you’re a salesperson!

Be proud that you’re making a change!

Be proud that you’re making an impact and helping the world evolve in your own little way!