What is the Salesperson’s #1 Enemy?

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So after having sold for a number of years and being at different sales environments, from the high pressure “force-your-prospect” “one-call-close” type of sales to more strategic B2B sales, I’ve noticed one of the biggest hurdles for salespeople. Which gave me the idea for the topic today…

What is a salesperson’s GREATEST enemy?

The salesperson’s greatest enemy is other bad salespeople. The reason for this is because bad salespeople create bad impressions of “salespeople” for good salespeople. Bad salespeople can be pushy, try to sell something that a prospect might not need or can even use, and just overall doesn’t have the prospect’s best interests in mind. What this causes is a distrust for salespeople in the mind of the prospect. Therefore, when a salesperson with good intentions show up to the prospect, that salesperson must overcome the preconceived notions and conditionings of all the previous salespeople he or she dealt with.

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All this means is that most of us have experienced at one point or another a salesperson trying to sell something to us that we obviously had no need or want for.

Maybe that salesperson was pushy and gave us a completely bitter experience that we shudder even at just the thought us.

Well, when a “good” salesperson comes along, someone with the right intentions…

We are left evaluating whether this person really has something that can help us, or they are just in it for themselves…

Of course,

At the end of the day…

You can really only control yourself.

So that means…

You must focus on becoming the best salesperson you can, regardless of what others are doing.

You must actually have the right intent to help your customers.

You must actually work to continuously improve your skillset.

You must actually learn to build trust effectively with your prospects.

I hope this was helpful in shining a light as to why your current sales interactions might be going the way they are.

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