The ONE Important Thing You Need in Your Life Other Than “Success”

The ONE Important Thing You Need in Your Life Other Than "Success"
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What does it take to truly live a happy life?

Hey guys,

In the midst of work and the grind…

It’s important to take time and actually enjoy life.

Now, I don’t mean slowing down and taking so long a vacation that you lose your momentum…

I’m talking about taking the time to enjoy yourself in between the grind.

As I mentioned in my recent posts, that we just finished off our year-end.

So I took this weekend to go glamping with a friend.

(Just a heads up, that this post is mostly off-topic from sales)

So, “glamping” is a new trend, if you will, of outdoor campsites that have amenities, and usually, you’re sleeping in a bubble cabin.

They look pretty cool, and certainly very mesmerizing on Instagram.

While it was definitely a fun and unique experience (which I would recommend), I actually learned something about marketing & sales that day.

These “glamping” campsites/hotels range anywhere from 600,000 COP to 1,300,000 COP here in Medellin, Colombia, which generally turns out to be anywhere from $200 to $400 per night.

Now, that is NOT cheap.

Especially for a country like Colombia.

And as I think about it, for those prices you can stay at places like the Ritz Carlton!

And I’m pretty confident the Ritz costs way more in construction and investment costs.

Yet these “glamping” sites are continually booked up, even during times like COVID!

So how is this the case?

Well, I’ve started to realize that these glamping entrepreneurs have realized the power of social media marketing.

If you’ve read Seth Godin’s book, “Purple Cow,” you’ll know that he talks about how great marketing starts with making PRODUCTS worth “sneezing” about.

When he says “sneezing,” he means it’s noteworthy enough to be remarkable.

In other words, it’s so unique that it makes you want to tell your friends about it.

And because of how romanticized some of these pictures can be on Instagram, coupled with the uniqueness of these hotels…

It makes Instagram pictures truly worth sneezing about.

In other words, these entrepreneurs have realized how to create an experience that people WANT to share.

And add to the fact that these campsites often look like pictures out of a fairy tale, it’s not hard to imagine why so many people would want to share it.

Ok, so aside from the marketing analysis, I wanted to remind you guys to enjoy life too.

There are 2 major skills to be mastered in life.

One is the “Science of Success.”

This is the ability to turn what’s in your MIND, into REALITY.

This is a science because there is a repeatable process to manifest our visions. That’s a fact.

Look at everything around us.

Someone had to create it.

And it ALL first started in the imagination of a person’s mind.

The second one, however, is not a science.

It is an art.

The Art of Fulfillment.

You see, what makes me fulfilled may not necessarily make YOU fulfilled.

That is why it is an art.

What makes one person happy might be different for another.

Now on that topic, what makes YOU fulfilled?

It’s an important question to ask yourself. They say that to be successful AND unfulfilled is the greatest failure of all.

That’s deep.

What’s the point of working so hard if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing?

I hate to sound cheesy—but we all only have so much time in this life.

And I know we talk about hustling and grinding a lot on here… but you gotta take time to ENJOY life.

That doesn’t mean take your foot off the gas pedal, it just means to enjoy the journey.

Don’t forget to have fun and celebrate once in a while.

I recently learned about this concept of “blissful dissatisfaction.”

What this means that along your journey… along your process…

To be blissful, but still “dissatisfied” with where you are at.

How might you do that you ask? Well, I think it’s an art to be practiced.

It’s about being grateful, and happy at the moment, because this moment is all we ever have.

And as cheesy as it might sound, when you hear about all these successful people who talk about looking back, and how it was their struggle years that were the most fulfilling and when they were the happiest and felt most alive.

I believe that to be true.

I believe that when we look back, from wherever we are…  it’ll be the people, experiences, and journey that will make us most fulfilled.

And at the end of the day, it’s also about who we become.

You can make and spend money, it might come and go… but WHO YOU BECOME…

The skills you’ve developed, the experiences you’ve had, and what you’ve GIVEN to others…

Now that NO ONE can ever take away.

I believe at the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, these are the things that create true fulfillment in life.

It’s so paradoxical because when you’re young and you don’t really have a whole lot, you just want the experiences and the material things.

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

I hate it when people bash on others’ motivations or inspirations, whatever that might be!

If it inspires you—good!

And if those material things and experiences we want can inspire us, and fulfill us, that’s awesome.

Although I’ve come to learn that ultimately the joys that really do last are the things I’ve learned to GIVE.

It’s paradoxical, but observe how what you give away, you get to keep forever.

But what you hold back out of fear or selfishness, is lost forever.

I know that sounds like it makes no sense if you’re reading that for the first time.

But just pay attention, how when you decide to give (whether it’s a $5 bill or a sandwich to a homeless person, or even an “I love you” to your parents), that what you give away, you get to keep.

Just try it, and let me know how it goes.

One of the greatest habits we can develop is to get addicted to giving and helping others.

The more you give, the more you get.

There is no way around it.

I hope this post has inspired you to live more intentionally.

To enjoy the moments and journey of your life.

To be happy & grateful at the moment, and yet at the same time, on some level dissatisfied with the status quo because you know there is more in you.

More of you to give.

More of you to become.

More of you to share.

More of you to contribute, create, and become who you ultimately are.

There is a thing called the Giving Pledge, set up by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, for billionaires to commit to giving at least 51% of their net worth to charity at the time of their passing.

I really like this idea.

I think I’m going to adopt it and apply it to my life as well. Maybe you’ll join me. 🙂

As always, if you found this post helpful, please share Saleslucky with a friend.

We are about helping people and promoting sales with integrity & authenticity.

You’ll never know how it can impact someone’s life.

Stay lucky, my friends.



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