Open Ended Questions – and Why You Want to Use Them

Hey guys, so today we will be discussing something that’s very powerful, especially for beginner sales reps. This is the concept of an “Open-ended question.”

What is an open ended question?

An open ended question, is a question where the response cannot be answered in a simple yes or no format. Typically, a response to an open ended question requires further explanation or elaboration. An example of an open ended question can be, “How are you doing today?” vs. a closed ended question, which would be, “Are you doing well today?”

Generally speaking, open ended questions begin with the words:

    • Why
    • How
    • What
    • Whens
    • Where
    • Who

These kinds of questions urge the person you’re asking to elaborate and explain a more detailed response to your question.

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This is very helpful in sales, because it takes the pressure off you, the salesperson, to talk.

And instead, it puts the attention, where it should be – on your prospect.

This also helps you gather more information, and better understand your prospect’s pain points, problems, and goals.

And those things are the raw materials from which all sales are made.

Open ended questions are one of THE primary tools a good salesperson uses to effectively engage a prospect.

On the flipside,

Closed ended questions simply prompt “Yes” or “No” responses, which cuts the conversation short, and puts the pressure back on you to do the “convincing” and talking, which are NOT effective strategies in sales.

Understanding this distinction is a critical component in your journey to becoming a great salesperson.

For more on asking great questions, uncovering pain, and developing needs, go to this article [here]

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