How to Hold Yourself Accountable and Get Momentum this 2021

How to Hold Yourself Accountable and Get Momentum this 2021
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Hey guys,

Today, we’re going to talk about accountability.

It’s the new year, and most people have heard the saying, “New year, new me”

Is this really the case?

The statistics show that most people do not follow through on their new year’s “resolutions.”

The truth is, if you’re waiting until the new year to set your “resolutions,” you’re already behind the ball.

The people that I know who are consistently crushing their goals… you can bet they aren’t waiting until January first to become the “new them.”

No, these people are constantly trying to level up and evolve into who they are meant to be.

Which one of those described you more?

Back to holding ourselves accountable… what does this mean?

We as people loooove to just lie to ourselves.

We like to justify and rationalize. And to me, holding ourselves accountable means not putting up with our own BS.

It means looking at ourselves honestly, and owning up to whether we hit a target or whether we fell short.

It also means really taking responsibility.

You know what happens when we take responsibility?

We start to get results.

And you know what happens once we start to get results, and we keep it up?

We start to get momentum.

Starting a new sales role is always the hardest.

You have to learn the product.

You have to learn the sales process and nuances.

You have to learn about the market and the people you’re speaking to.

It takes time to ramp, learn all these things, and build a pipeline.

I always chuckle when I come across startups who have sales cycles of 4-5 months, but give their reps a 3 month ramp time.

You’ll be surprised… this is not setting your reps up to win.

Anyways, if you’re starting a B2B sales position, with a 3 – 6 month sales cycle…

Really expect to ramp for the first 9 months to a year.

And when I say ramp, I don’t mean the time it takes to bring on your first deal (although it might take that).

When I say ramp… I mean, the time it takes to really learn the product, sales process, and build a pipeline.

Really to get the hang of things.

So expect it to take some time. Like anything else, it won’t happen overnight.

But once you DO get ramped… and you keep your foot on the GAS…

…things can get fun.

See, when average reps start to get a “full” pipeline—they become complacent.

They get comfortable, and take their foot off the gas.

I’ve done this.

We’ve all done this in one way or another.

I remember years ago in my mid-twenties, being one of the top performers in the company, and I thought I was hot stuff.

Big fish in a small pond type of deal.

Anyway, as a result, I took my foot off the gas.

And before long, the deals stopped rolling in.

That was a major lesson for me. NEVER take your foot off the gas.

ALWAYS keep your foot on the gas!

Now, if you DO keep your foot on the GAS… your efforts will start to compound.

Soon you’ll have a snowball of deals that you’ll have built up via your pipeline.

And sure enough, as fall follows summer, follows spring… if you keep plowing the fields, harvest season will soon come.

Well, with this sales role that I started at the beginning of 2020, I’m finally “ramped.”

And that’s the point where you start getting some momentum.

If you’ve been putting in the work all spring and summer, it soon will be time for harvest.

So keep that foot on the gas.

Keep yourself accountable, and keep crushing!


P.S. If you’re in sales or looking to get into sales, and you’re looking for a little support or accountability, schedule a free strategy session with me here: https://calendly.com/saleslucky/free-strategy-session2

We’ll discuss what you’re going through, and how I might be able to help you further.

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