How to Have the Mindset of WINNERS

How personal responsibility and accountability can increase your self confidence



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Hey guys,

Today, I want to write a bit about personal responsibility.

As we’ve neared the 2020 US elections, and have waited for the new President of the United States to pan out… I want to remind us of who is ultimately in charge of our lives.

And the truth is, that person is not the newly elected president.

The truth is…

…that person is the one who stares back at you in the mirror.

Regardless of who gets elected, the WINNING mindset to have is one of personal responsibility.

While it’s important to be intentional of who we cast our vote for, it’s even more important we audit ourselves and take personal responsibility for our lives.

Regardless of who gets elected, you CANNOT depend on the new president or new anyone to “make your dreams happen” or take care of your life.

In my opinion, that’s shirking responsibility.

The people I see winning around me are those who take personal responsibility to adapt and take ownership of every situation they are in and make the most of it. 

That’s what winners do.

Winners take the conditions given to them and flip it to their advantage.

They focus on being resourceful instead of relying on having the most resources.

It’s that lean and mean mentality.

Stay lean, stay mean, and go hard.

One of the things I’ve learned recently spending more time around people who have created the lives they desire living is that…

…winners will always be winners.

What I mean is that, winners will always inevitably find a way to win.

That’s just how it goes.

You can take a winner, find him or her in the most challenging of situations with little resources, and that winner will find a way to win.

Conversely, if you take someone who ISN’T a winner, throw all the resources and know-how at that person, and no matter how much time or attention you give them, they end up squandering it.

It’s an interesting phenomenon for sure; winners will be winners.

As I’ve reflected over the last 18 months, working on my habits, and focusing on ways I can grow…

I’ve learned something about personal responsibility:

It’s that you can’t really fool yourself.

A part of you will know if you’re not showing up as you should.

A part of you will know when you’re making promises to yourself and not holding them.

Conversely, your subconscious will also know when you’re serious.

When you say something, and then you do it.

It’s almost like no one else in the world might know, but you will.

And because you will, that makes all the difference.

I think that’s the difference between successful people and those who aren’t successful.

It’s that the successful ones continuously show up.

They show up and deliver—regardless if they feel like doing it or not.


It’s executing regardless of how you feel.

Something interesting happens when you continuously execute and fulfill your own promises to yourself.

It’s like this ironclad mindset develops.

That what you say will get done, will get done. Always.

—and there is power in that.

That power translates to self-confidence.

This became incredibly apparent to me when I was doing Andy Frisella’s 75Hard program.

It’s like the more I kept promises with myself, the more that little small voice that was once filled with a voice of doubt…

Becomes an indestructible voice of console and authority… egging me on to continue executing and fulfilling my potential.

It’s a cool thing. You also develop an awareness when you begin to slip.

Being humans, we all slip at times. But it’s important to catch yourself.

And when you notice, you take yourself right back on track. That’s what winners do.

But it’s getting yourself back on track because you CHOSE to.

Because you decided to.

And knowing that your word carries weight… means everything.

Because I also remember when my words didn’t carry weight.

Not with myself, and I imagine not much with others as well.

But the decision to make your words carry weight… is just that, a decision.

So when you consciously choose to keep the promises you make yourself, what you’re doing is intentionally building self-confidence.

I remember I used to hate the phrase self-confidence…

Because I really disliked how people would say, “be confident” but have no actual idea of how to go about doing that.

As if confidence is just a button you press to turn on.

But as I grew older I realized that the word self-confidence literally means the ability to confide in oneself.

The ability to trust in oneself.

And how does one trust in oneself?

By keeping the promises you make to yourself.

I am by no means perfect, but I do make an intentional effort to keep the promises I make to myself.

And I can honestly say that when I do well in my life, it’s because I’m consistently keeping the promises I make to myself—without excuses.

I can also promise you that if you will just begin to be more intentional about keeping the promises you make to yourself, your whole life will change.

This is one of the biggest lessons I have realized over the past year.

When you keep enough promises to yourself, without compromising or BSing yourself…

You become a weapon.

Anything you direct yourself at, you will crush.

The thing is though…

That this is hard.

And that’s the reason why not everyone is a top sales rep.

This is why not everyone is a millionaire.

And I’m sure you’ve heard this before, that if it was easy… anyone would do it.

If it was easy, everybody would be millionaires.

But according to the 2019 Wealth-X report, there are only about 25 million millionaires on this planet.

That’s 25 million people out of 7.8 billion people.

In other words, 25 million out of 7,800 million people.

Yeah, not everyone is a millionaire yet.

It’s because it’s difficult.

In the same way, to maintain a military-like discipline over a sustained period of time is a difficult thing to do.

But again—that’s what separates the winners.

And guess what?

As you’re reading this post, know that me writing this post was a vote of confidence in my own self-accountability.

To hold myself accountable and showing up and delivering content.

You see…

It all matters—the promises you keep to yourself and the promises you keep to others.

Don’t get me wrong, nobody is perfect.

We all fall short at one time or another… but you must make an intentional effort to keep the promises you make to yourself.

This is highly important if I haven’t already made it apparently so.

I know personal accountability is a “buzzword” we’ve all heard more than once.

But until you begin to experience its power, you won’t realize just how much latent power was sitting inside of you.

I’ve been listening to Tony Robbins’ Ultimate Edge program, and one thing I remember him saying distinctly is that “Personal power is the ability to take action.”

In other words, it comes back to keeping the promises we make to ourselves.

I promise you:

If you’ll just be more intentional about keeping the promises you make with yourself, you’ll notice your self-confidence goes up.

That’s because you’re literally taking action that will allow you to trust yourself more.

So please, take this as an urge to please keep those promises that you make yourself.

You’ll be more proud of yourself for it.

You’ll have more self-confidence because of it.

And I can bet you’ll be more successful because of it.

That’s the winning mindset.

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