How Important Is It for Introverts to Learn Sales?

How Learning Sales Impacted My Life as an Introvert
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I believe learning sales is incredibly important for introverts.

Actually, I wouldn’t say that about all introverts.

I would just say that people that would like to improve their communication skills should learn sales in some capacity.

It’s been said repeatedly that learning sales skills will make you well rounded. It’s good for you.

That’s because sales is just persuasion and communication skills.

Who wouldn’t like to be more persuasive?

We all use “sales” skills when we’re trying to convince a coworker of our idea…

We all “sell” when we tell our friend about the new restaurant, or try to get our kids to see that doing their homework is good for them.

I just know for me…

Growing up I spent a lot of my time from the ages of 9-14 playing video games.

By the time I had hit high school…

I needed to learn some social skills.

I’m sure a lot of this generation can relate.

All we see are kids of tablets and phones these days.

Heck, everyone is on their phones and tablets these days (regardless of if they’re eating dinner together or waiting in line at the grocery store!)

So growing up as an immigrant kid, whose parents were struggling to learn the cultures themselves, there were moments where a lack of clarity in communication felt REALLY frustrating.

I remember feeling pain around this area of communication.

Even today, one of my pet peeves is NOT communicating clearly.

Whether communicating with someone else or being communicated to… I’m looking to do it clearly.

Probably it was because I had such a hard time communicating with my own parents and bridging that cultural gap for myself as well.

That and alongside the teenage anxiousness that we all go through,

I think this created the perfect desire to improve this area of my life.

I also recognized on some level that if I wanted to be successful in life or business…

I had to get good at dealing with people.

I mean, if there’s one skill you need to do well in business, it’s THAT.

As my mentor, Andy Frisella says it:

“Sales & Leadership skills.”

So that’s where my desire to improve my communication skills comes from.

Looking back, it’s one of the BEST decisions I ever made.

Internet marketer Frank Kern says:

“If you’re a good salesman, you create your own economy. Period.”

Isn’t that true?

A good salesman by definition is someone who goes and “makes it happen.”

I am also a firm believer that with sales—you can almost always skip most of the fancy stuff.

I think clear, direct communication is how MOST people prefer it!

In fact, I noticed that most of the time when I am in a sales conversation…

I’m just asking if what I said (in as simple to understand terms as possible) made sense?

And almost always, it’s a yes!

There’s a reason for that.

Haven’t we all experienced being in the situation where someone is explaining something to us, but we weren’t paying attention…

And then were embarrassed about looking stupid so we don’t speak up about it…

…and end up not understanding at all that entire portion of the conversation?

Of course, we’ve all experienced that!

Doesn’t that just suck?! (I know right!)

That really peeves me when it happens.

So that’s why when I communicate—I intentionally seek to communicate often as SIMPLE as possible (so the actual message can be received!)

I also noticed this about communicating across cultures.

I’ve traveled to Mexico, lived in Colombia, China, and have been fortunate enough to visit a few different places around the world.

And I would have to say…

Communicating across different languages is mostly about body language (or often sign language) and tonality than it is about the right words used.

I’m pretty sure if someone dropped you off in the middle of China…

And you didn’t speak of lick of Chinese…

You’d manage find your way around eventually because you can even Charades it out if need be!

Point is this:

Learning to communicate effectively and clearly is important—no matter who you are.

I think learning sales or taking at least some sort of communication class is CRITICAL to an introvert’s development.

Even if you don’t end up being in “sales” for the rest of your career…

It’s still incredibly valuable to INVEST in your communication skills.

One thing I did during my Junior Year of College was take an Improv class.

It was one of the best decisions I made my entire 4 years in college.

It taught me so much!

It taught me really how communication is more non-verbal than verbal.

Not only that but it was also super fun! Talk about getting loose and being in the moment.

If you’ve ever thought about taking an improv class—I highly recommend you go for it.

Improv requires you to say “yes” to the moment (or whatever is happening in the scene) and also requires you to communicate with your whole body and improvise in the moment.

But the one exercise that really taught me that communication is more non-verbal than verbal is this one:

We partnered up and had to tell our partners a story of something that happened that week.

But there’s a catch:

The catch is that you cannot speak any languages.

You can only use gibberish!

This literally made any and all words obsolete.

At the most, all we’d be able to do was make a quick sound effect like “Vrooomm!!” Or something.

What ensued was very interesting!

You saw people crawling, jumping around, acting out a story or their day using just body language and gibberish.

A funny sight for sure!

But here’s the thing…

After a couple moments, I realized something.

I realized that despite no words being used, I could almost always completely understand the story being told.

…and so could everyone else!

You might not know every single detail… but with the body motions, hand gestures, facial expressions, and the use of tone and volume…

You really understood exactly what was happening in each person’s story.

That was really cool and profound for me.

It was a big epiphany.

I realized deeply that communication was not necessarily about the “words” being used…

But that it was more about body language, and tonality.

That it was more about facial expressions and hand gestures.

It was about the vibe and emotion we were giving off.

Those things made up SO much more of the message being conveyed than the actual words being used.

As a final note, I’d like to say this.

I’d like to challenge you.

If you’re still fairly young in your career (under 30 years old)

I challenge you to take a full-time or part-time sales role and anywhere up to two years.

You will learn so much you won’t believe it.

An experience like that will help sculpt you for the rest of your life.

Looking back, I truly am grateful that I made the decision to get into sales because the skills you learn in sales really apply to the rest of life.

Whether it’s negotiating the prices on a car or home, or simply seeking to understand your friend’s problems, so you can better provide a solution for them.

Learning sales skills can literally up-level every aspect of your life.

There are a lot of advantages to being an introvert,

Like being thoughtful, deep, etc. etc.

With a dash of sales skills, it will really help to make you more well rounded and effective in so many situations.

What started as an initial pain point has truly grown and developed into a great gift for me.

It’s taken over a decade to blossom, but today I’m certainly grateful for the challenges I had years ago.

It’s kind of surreal to be typing this knowing I’ll be posting on the internet soon.

Because it feels like just not that long ago…

I was the same kid Googling “How to overcome the fear of rejection” or something like that.


How important is it to learn sales for introverts?

I’d say it’s one of the most important things you could possibly do for yourself.

It’ll have an enormous impact not only on your skillset, but your confidence too.

Because you’ll end up knowing that you took control and did what it took to master a certain area of your life.

And how much would that kind of confidence mean to you?

How much would it impact the other areas of your life?

How would that make you feel about yourself at the end of the day?

Those are questions worth considering.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I hope you got value out of it.



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