February 2021 Saleslucky Book Reviews

Saleslucky February 2021 Book Reviews
4 Books I’ve Been Munching on as We Kicked Off the Year!

Hi friends.

As always, I’ve been munching on some books as we’ve kicked off the new year.

1. Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

This is an amazing book, a friend recommended it to me.

It’s incredibly rich in authenticity, charm, wisdom, and some good ole’ American swagger.

I give this book a 10/10 – it is a must-read.

It’s so good that I wrote an entire blog post on this.

Go check it out – tons of wisdom in this book, and if you resonate with reading this blog, you’ve love McConaughey’s commentary on some of the things happening in our current society today.

2. Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin

I recently read Extreme Ownership by Jocko and Leif.

Jocko and Leif are both US Navy Officers who led some of the most heated battles in the Iraq War.

Safe to say that these guys know a thing or two about leadership.

The core tenet in the book is self-explanatory in the title – it’s about taking complete ownership of your situation.

No blame, no shame, no finger-pointing.

Taking COMPLETE OWNERSHIP of everything in your world—whether it’s running a sales cycle or leading an entire organization.

The main thing I learned in this book is that whenever we point fingers, that is, blame someone else…

We give up our own power.

We give up our power to respond and act effectively, because we’ve essentially said,

“The reason I couldn’t get this result is not because of me, but because of you”

And whoever you put the onus on anything that is outside of your control (ie. Your actions and your thoughts), then you effectively give up your power and place it on this external subject.

Take extreme ownership.

Own everything in your world… and you’ll start to see how quickly the things in your life improve.

Another interesting dichotomy I learned from Jocko is that discipline equals freedom.

Most people associate negative feelings and thoughts with discipline, how it restricts their freedom.

Actually, no, discipline gives you freedom.

The discipline to be consistent in your work ethic & personal development will create the FREEDOM for you to live the life of your dreams.

The discipline of a regular exercise regimen and healthy nutrition gives you FREEDOM for your body & mind to operate effectively, giving you the freedom to actually live your life!

Discipline equals freedom.

3. Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson

This is the 3rd book in the installment of Internet Marketing books by Russell Brunson.

The first one is Dotcom Secrets.

The second is Expert Secrets.

And this one is Traffic Secrets.

Each of these books covers a different topic of building an internet business.

From a very high level, the first one explains the concept of a sales funnel.

The second one explains how to leverage one’s own personality as the “hero” of an online business.

The third one is all about how to actually bring in a continuous stream of traffic to your site & funnels, so you have never-ending customers.

I must say, if you’re interested in internet marketing, I heavily recommend reading ALL 3 of these books.

Traffic Secrets though has definitely helped me level up my marketing knowledge.

In this book, Brunson talks about the concept of a “Dream 100.”

That is, no matter what your business, your “ideal customers” are typically already congregating somewhere online.

Whether these might be other influencers, youtube channels, trade shows, blogs, or Facebook groups…

Your ideal customers are already congregating and it’s your job to figure out where they are and go find them!

Incredibly valuable book if you’re keen on learning marketing as well.

4. Switch On by Nick Seneca Jankel

This book is an incredible mix of science and art.

Nick talks about how breakthroughs are made. I say it’s a mix of science and art because Nick does just that.

He mixes the science of biochemistry with the practical and more “woo-woo” stuff of physical, spiritual exercises that encompass breakthroughs.

This book is very unique because typically you’ll have an author approach a subject through either 1 of these lenses… but typically not BOTH.

This book is broken down into different chapters – and the different chapters correlate to the steps of a breakthrough.

From discovering the initial pain, all the way to the breakthrough and end result, which is a positive change or impact.

I highly recommend you read this book, it really does break down how one can manage and facilitate their own breakthroughs.

It covers everything from the emotional/physical aspect like deep breathing, and releasing tension, the circulation of energy…

…to the scientific explanations why those things are actually important, and how that impacts our biochemistry.

I know it might sound woo-woo, but things like deep breathing, the circulation of energy, and management of our own emotions truly make a BIG difference in how we execute in our day-to-day.

In 2014 and 2015, I studied with a spiritual teacher named David Deida.

It was at these weekend retreats where we practiced things like deep breathing like a martial artist would practice a punch – repetitively.

And I’ll share with you this, just as David shared with us in those sessions.

If you will just be able to learn to breathe properly (ie. Deep belly breathing), that alone will completely change your life.

And the reason is that practices like that literally change your biochemistry—and how you show up in the world.

And if you’re in sales or just someone living life, how much more effective would you be if you showed up stronger, firing on all cylinders, and completely present?

How much more effective would you be in every area of your life?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the better you’re able to manage the incredibly complex miracle that is YOU… the more effective you’ll be no matter what you do.

This book is a manual on how to better effectively use the incredibly intricate machinery that is the human body.

Alright, guys.

That’s it for the months of Jan and Feb 2021.

I’ll share some more books I’ll be reading with you guys soon!

If any of these sounded interesting to you, go and check them out!


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