Do All Salespeople Need to Lie?

I’ve been pondering on a couple questions that I thought would be helpful to people starting out in sales. I certainly would have wanted answers to these when I first started. Having sold in the corporate B2B space for a handful of years, I can say that my understanding of what makes a salesperson truly great is not what I had imagined at all when I first started out. This will be the first in a series of questions/thoughts about sales for people who are starting out in their sales journey!

The first question in this series is:

“Do all salespeople need to lie?”

Absolutely Not. In fact, it’s quite counterintuitive. In today’s age, good salespeople are great at building trust. Trust is absolutely critical in sales. Without trust, it will be highly unlikely that you will be able to make a sale. Why is this? It’s because if the prospect doesn’t believe you, or trust you, why should they believe what you say your product will do for them? They shouldn’t… The ability to build trust with your prospects is one of the most valuable skills you can learn as a salesperson or business person.

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I take that excerpt from my article, “How Important is Trust in Sales?“.

You see, in today’s age with the internet, most information about your product or service can be googled or found online.

And with so much information overload, this creates a lot of “noise” in our current lives.


In the media, and especially Hollywood movies, salespeople are portrayed as this gregarious, loud spoken, pushy character that swindles and lies to get the sale.

Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The best salespeople are often the opposite of what’s portrayed in Hollywood.

They are often strong-willed and persistent on the inside…

But externally they display an empathic, calm, and non-threatening approach.

In other words, they don’t set off alarms that they’re “salespeople.”

In the B2B space,

where sales cycles can be long, and contracts are of high dollar value…

the key qualities of a good salesperson is their ability to bring value

(This is what the book Challenger Sale is all about)…

and ability to build trust.

In a world with so much noise, the ability for a salesperson to tell the truth about a product…

And provide insights into that customer’s world…

Is heavily valued.

The cycle works when you tell your customers the truth, or share an insight, and then the customer goes away to find out if what you told them was true…

If they discover what you shared was true… that builds trust.

The repetition of that is what allows sales to be made.

It’s one of the reasons why sales cycles can be longer in a B2B deal.

Bottom line:

That’s where half the battle is fought.

It’s about building value and building trust with your customer.

It comes down to telling the Truth.

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