December 2020 Saleslucky Book Reviews

Six books I’ve been munching on as I close out 2020!
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December 2020 Saleslucky Book Reviews

1. The Gucci Mane Guide to Greatness by Gucci Mane

I was recommended this book by a good friend.

A very successful friend actually.

He said to read books not only formal business books—but books of different types and backgrounds.

I’m actually a big fan of rap and growing up, I recorded some myself and mostly listened to rap.

So reading this book was a rare insight into the mind of a rap star.

And interestingly enough, it’s very similar to how a disciplined business person thinks.

That’s because, underneath the rap character, Gucci Mane is a disciplined businessman—at least he is now.

He talks about his evolution over the years, and how all of us are meant to grow and evolve.

You’re either growing or your dying.

There are a ton of great gems in here as he talks about everything from work ethic to a significant other to his evolution from his trap days.

I would highly recommend picking this one up!

2. Adweek Copywriting Handbook by Joe Sugarman

This is essentially a textbook on copywriting. It is not light.

It’s a good 300 pages or so of no-BS how-to copywriting from an authority in the space.

If you are serious about getting better at copywriting—you MUST get this book.

As if you ask me, I think more than ever, the best sales reps must also be good copywriters (or at least be decent at it)

The reason is that more than ever, we’re seeing conversions happen on email and social.

That means, writing, not cold calling, is what’s CONVERTING for a lot of tech companies right now.

I’ll share with you one more thing I learned from this book.

You want copy to be easy to read.

You want copy to flow naturally.

You want copy to flow easily for the eyes to follow.

You also want to vary sentence lengths to change up the rhythm of the copy.

If you didn’t know, being a great copywriter PAYS, because it’s effective sales at scale.

And if you’re anything like me, that sounds awesome 🙂

3. Convert 2.0 by Frank Kern

This is an e-book by the internet marketing legend, Frank Kern.

If you don’t know, Frank was one of the early internet marketers who did 8 figures of revenue in 24 hours.

I think he helped a company generate 18 million dollars worth of revenue in 24 hours, or something crazy like that.

That’s some serious cash in 1 day! Holy cow!

Frank is truly a marketing genius, but what’s interesting about Frank is that he is so himself.

He is so comfortable in his own skin and what you see is what you get.

These days Frank essentially work when he wants, and does high end consulting.

Frank is someone I’d definitely recommend diving deeper into—I know I sure will.

In fact, check out this great youtube video of Frank talking about internet marketers and the mindset required to succeed online.

It’s quite funny, and I’m sure you’ll immediately see why it’s not hard to fall in love with the guy!

4. Darkside Dichotomy by Aaron Nash

This book is from a fellow Arete Syndicate member, Aaron Nash.

I came across his content as he was featured in one of our Arete Accelerator calls.

I love the title of the book.

The dark side dichotomy. Before following Andy Frisella, I hadn’t really learned to accept or tap into my dark energy.

And while this might not sound PC – it’s real.

If you think successful salespeople and entrepreneurs don’t leverage their pain or “dark side”…you are fooling yourself.

I’ve been bullied growing up for my ethnicity, been picked on, and made feel less than for being different.

Maybe you can relate.

I’ve had issues in my own family growing up – which I won’t get into detail…

But a lot of us have gone through some form of adversity.

And while that adversity might have been painful, looking back and as cliche as it sounds, those were the BEST things to happen to me—and that’s the God honest truth.

Because it’s from all those negative experiences where all my drive, and power come from.

As Tony Robbins says,

“You can’t have the spiritual gift without the spiritual pain”

If that last phrase resonated with you, then I salute you with a head nod.

I know it takes a special person to truly understand that.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this book.

Leverage your dark side.

Don’t let it use you.

Harness it, control it, and use the immense and unquenchable force that is there for GOOD.

5. Soft Wired by Michael Merezenich

This is an interesting book.

It’s my first foray into reading about the brain.

I figure I read so much in the personal development, achievement space that it’d serve me to learn a little bit about the science of the brain.

I won’t bore you with the technical terminology, but the main takeaway from this book is that your brain is highly, highly malleable.

You may have grown up with some trauma, or you may have behaved in a certain way that didn’t serve you growing up… but what science (and experience) tells us is that if you put your mind and concentrated effort into something…

You can almost change any type of behavior you wish.

Again, in other words, the brain is highly malleable.

Just because you weren’t great at math in high school doesn’t mean you can’t get at least proficient with some concentrated effort and focus.

The same thing with sales and persuasion. Although this wasn’t an area I was great at when I started out, I committed myself to the process, and after close a decade of work…

I’ve developed skills in this area, and am probably better than at least 95% of the other people out there in this area.

Your brain is malleable, so do NOT accept whatever limiting beliefs you think you might have.

You can do and achieve more than you think is possible.

We can literally condition ourselves to do almost anything.

You hear of how important it is for athletes to visualize themselves succeeding before they actually do succeed. It’s the same concept.

You must visualize yourself achieving and realizing your goals before you actually turn them to reality.

What your doing is literally rewiring your brain to believe you’ve achieved those things.

The reason is that when you’re visualizing something, the brain doesn’t know whether you’re imagining it or it was a real memory from your subconscious.

So over time, you can literally rewire your brain in this way, and countless other ways because it is so malleable.

6. Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt

What a fitting book for the end of the year.

A friend in a mastermind group I’m in recommended this book.

This book is a great resource if you’re interested in learning how to effectively set goals.

For example, the book mentions there are two kinds of goals generally:

Achievement goals and Habit goals.

Achievement goals are what we’re generally familiar with—goals that signify that a significant milestone has been achieved.

Whether you’ve hit X revenue, or X in net worth, etc. etc.

Now, habit goals, on the other hand, are goals that specify how often and how frequently you’ll take a specific action.

That specific action can be steps that help you hit your achievement goals.

For example, a habit goal can be saying you’re exercise 4 times a week for 30 minutes a day at 6 pm every evening.

That’s a habit goal that supports your achievement goal of losing 20 pounds, get it?

Pretty simple enough, but just being aware of this distinction alone will help you be more effective in your goal setting for 2021.

Not only that, but there’s plenty of other gems in this book.

Overall, these are the books I’ve been munching on and we close out 2020.

I’m sure a lot of you can agree, we’re ready for 2021!

Let’s kick off the new year strong!

Cheers and happy new year Saleslucky family!


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