75Hard: How to Build Your Mental Toughness & Discipline

Challenge Yourself to Do the 6 Part Program for Mental Toughness & Discipline


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Hey, everyone.

Today, I’ll be sharing a program that I’ve been doing for the last two months or so during this whole COVID situation.

Honestly, it’s something that’s been keeping my mind sane and focused on the right things.

Best of all – it’s a completely FREE program!

Now, here’s a disclaimer: I did not create the program.

The program was formulated by one of my mentors, Andy Frisella 

It’s a SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE program.

And if you’re anything like me, you LOVE to keep things simple!

Because simple things get DONE!

It’s a 75-day program, and as I write this, I am currently on day 64/75.


Without further ado, let me explain the program and what it has done for me!

75Hard is a 75-day program.

And it’s ALL about NO compromises.

And when I say NO compromises, I mean ZERO – zilch – nada!

That’s why this program is effective.

It forces you to NOT let yourself off the hook and to let you accept NO EXCUSES from yourself.

And honestly, that’s been incredibly powerful for me—and has bled into other areas of my life!

So here it goes – for 75 consecutive days, you must do 6 things:


  1. Do 2 workouts per day (at least 45 mins each and at least ONE has to be outside!)
  2. Drink a gallon of water
  3. Follow a diet
  4. Read 10 pages of an educational book
  5. NO cheat meals or alcohol
  6. Take a progress picture


Here’s the catch – if you forget to do any single one of these…

Or compromise on any single one of them, YOU WILL HAVE TO START OVER FROM DAY 1.

Let me break each of these down.


1. Do 2 workouts per day


So each of these workouts has to be a minimum of 45 minutes each.

Also, at least one of these workouts must be done outside.

You beautiful thing is, YOU get to decide how you want to workout!

It can be as simple as a walk or something more intense like lifting weights, martial arts, riding your bike, etc.

It can be anything.

But they have to be at least 45 mins, and one has to be outside.

The reason one has to be outside is this: 

It teaches you to get things done even when the conditions are not perfect.

And that’s such a powerful lesson! Because that’s life!

When is it gonna be the “perfect time” for you to learn that new skillset? (probably never… actually better yet… probably NOW!)

When is it gonna be the absolute “perfect time” for you to go and do the thing you’ve always wanted? 

Point is, conditions won’t ever be perfect, and we must learn to ACT. Simple as that.

As for me, honestly, this was the biggest struggle for me working out.

I’ve been working out consistently for 3 years now (since Jan 2017)

And adding an additional 45-minute workout every day (even if it is just a walk) definitely took some adjusting to!

 But now… I’ve grown to love it.

My second workout is almost always just an outdoor walk, but that outdoor walk in the afternoon is SO refreshing and good for keeping my mind clear!

I absolutely love it and think I will be incorporating this aspect into my life for the long term.


2. Drink a Gallon of Water a Day


Again, this is SIMPLE.

And it sounds hard to do, especially if you weight about a buck forty like me lol.

But it’s so crucial and so important.

I learned to really hydrate years ago – I learned that most people when they go hungry, it’s not because their body needs food.

It’s because they are dehydrated.

I’ve heard crazy stories of entire illnesses being healed based on just hydrating properly alone.

I’ve even heard that we get LESS negative thoughts when we are properly hydrated!!!!!

And if you are in sales or are running a business…. You understand JUST HOW IMPORTANT having LESS negative thoughts are!! It’s EVERYTHING!

Plus, staying hydrated makes me feel great, and puts me in a better mood overall.

And when I’m in a better mood, I can better serve my clients. AKA sell more.

Do not overlook this fact… hydrate!


3. Follow a diet


This is also pretty self-explanatory. 

Follow a diet – you get to choose what diet you follow.

This should obviously align with YOUR fitness goals.

If you’re looking to lose weight, pick a diet that will allow you to do that.

If you’re looking to gain muscle, then pick a diet that aligns with that!

Again, the key here is NO compromises.

If you pick a diet to lose weight and end up eating a fat pint of icecream… well, guess what?

You’re gonna have to start over from Day 1.

That’s the game.

Oh, and for me personally, my fitness trainer friends got me on “counting macros.”

For you fitness people out there, you know exactly what this is.

It’s when you count the number of carbs, proteins, and fats you eat each day.

This definitely took some adjusting to… 

Whipping out my scale each time to weigh out my rice and meat.

But I’ll tell ya what…

I’ve finally let go of that little lower belly fat I’ve had my entire life!

…and it feels pretty damn good!

Not to mention the boost in confidence that brings!

Think I’m going to integrate this into my life for the long term as well.


4. Read 10 Pages of an Educational Book


This one is pretty self-explanatory.

I’m not talking about comic books or social media posts, but 10 pages of an actual book that someone had to really think through and write.

This is called “feeding your mind.”

If you’re not already aware, whatever you put into your mind and body, you will get a result.

Whether the result is positive or negative, well that pretty much entirely depends on whether what you put in was positive or negative.

I’m sure we all know that “friend” growing up who can recite every line from every Family Guy episode ever created, right?

But that same friend wouldn’t be able to hold a productive job or contribute anything worthy to society to save his or her life?

Well, that’s a direct cause and effect relation of what that person decided to put into his or her brain.

This is one of the most important aspects I share with people when they ask me what they can do to improve themselves.

I’ve maintained a habit of reading for about 5 years now.

And without a doubt, I can say that this is one of the most important things I’ve done that’s made the BIGGEST IMPACT on my life long term.

You see…

If you read just 10 pages a day… over a span of a month, that’s 300 pages.

Let’s just call that a book.

Over a span of a year, if you just read 10 pages a day… that’ll be 12 whole books under your belt (or in your brain – in this case).

Don’t you think your life will change if you read 12 books on personal development, business, and sales over the next 12 months?

12 whole educational books meant to strengthen your brain and thoughts?

That’s how winners become winners, and why losers stay losers.

You might not notice a world of change the first day you pick up reading (although I’ll bet you’ll be surprised at what you might learn)…

But over time, these actions compounded will mean a world of difference.

I once heard that Elon Musk read ALL the books available at his elementary school library when he was a kid!

That’s mind-boggling!

As another friend of mine likes to say…


“You can’t expect to make millions of dollars running an old outdated hundred-dollar software.”


In other words, feed your mind.

Make sure to put something educational, with the thought that someone actually took the time and experience to capture into your brain.

This is one surefire way to level up over time.


5. No Cheat Meals or Alcohol


Again, pretty self-explanatory.

One of the reasons I love this program is its sheer simplicity.

In a lot of ways, simplicity is genius.

I love it when people can distill the complicated down into simplicity.

Complexity is the enemy of execution.

Whatever you decided for your diet or meal plan – stick with it.




Not a single M&M or cookie, or whatever.

And no alcohol too.

For my younger followers (and maybe some older ones too) this might be tough for you.

But that’s why it’s called 75HARD and NOT 75 unicorns and daisies. 🙂


6. Take a Progress Picture


Last but not least, you are required to take a progress picture of your body each day.

This sounds super easy, but I’ve had friends tell me it’s actually the “hardest” part for them—because they have to remind themselves to do it!

The beauty of this program is that everyone will have parts that are naturally easy for them and parts that are naturally harder.

Initially, the second workout was a challenge for me because I was NOT used to it.

But now I’ve grown to love it, and in some ways addicted to it.

It’s really been helping me get my mind clear and head straight especially during this wild time we live in.

The cool thing is, if you do this program, you’ll be able to see your progress physically.

If this program sounds interesting to you, or you’re looking to develop more discipline in your life – this is it.

It’s honestly been a huge game-changer for me in the way I hold myself accountable—and NOT bullshit myself.

Let’s be real, we all do it to ourselves.

Doing this program is like hitting the nitro button on those old school video arcade car racing games.

It puts my hustle into hyperdrive.

If you do this program and stick through it for all 75 days…

…it will make you a straight CRUSHING MACHINE.

Every I know who has done it has had tremendous things to say about it, and this is truly something that you won’t know just how “genius” it is…

Until you DO IT.

So are you up for the challenge?