6 Reasons Why You Should Join Arete Syndicate

6 Ways the Arete Syndicate Has Impacted My Life
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Hey, guys.

I’ve shared with people that over the last year, I’ve been part of a personal development/business mastermind group.

When I say “mastermind group,” all I mean is a group of people who meet for a common purpose.

In this case, it’s to level up in business and in life, and be a positive influence on the world.

This group has been absolutely INVALUABLE for me, especially in a time like we’re in now—a time of uncertainty and high turbulence.

This group has made a tremendous impact on my life and it’s only been 1 year. )

In today’s post…

I’ll share some of the main ways this group has impacted me.

(By the way, they are just opening up applications again for next year, so if you’re interested, check it out here)

This is a group of GOOD people who are looking to level up in life.

This is a group of people who are looking to change the world.

6 Reasons Why You Should Join Arete Syndicate
1. Get Great Coaching

So in Arete, you’ll get great coaching and guidance from 2 actual crushers in life AND business.

Andy runs 1st Phorm among a bunch of other companies.

Ed was the Chairman of World Financial Group—and also own various other companies.

These guys are 9-figure guys, who are actual operators and practitioners who are in the game RIGHT NOW.

So right off the bat, you’ll be able to learn from two 9 figure business people teaching you real skills and strategies that have brought them to the level they are at now.

How much is that worth?

A lot more than what they’re charging, that’s for sure!

2. be part of an amazing Culture

The culture is amazing.

We’ve all heard this word as a “buzzword,” but when there’s really good culture, it’s a game-changer.

Like… complete game-changer.

It’s like being on the championship team, what makes the difference?


In the Arete Syndicate, there is very much a culture of giving, adding value, leadership, collaboration, personal development.

The organization is predicated on people who want to be a “force for good” in the world, and go out and make an impact.

Does that sound like YOU? (If so, register here)

At the end of the day, everyone is DOING stuff.

They are actually operating a business or pursuing a worthwhile cause in life—or they want to get into one.

Not only is everyone doing stuff, but some people are doing very well (7 figure to 8 figure earners!)

Here are the Arete Core Values:

  • Create a Positive Impact
  • Leadership Through Action
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Be Humble
  • Hard Discipline
  • Commit to Dominating
  • Good Isn’t Enough; Excellence is Essential
  • Be a Lifetime Student


It’s not hard to understand why if someone starts to adopt and live out some of these core values…

That they’ll start winning more as well.

3. Be Motivated to Step It Up

Being in this group makes me step it up. Period.

This group is filled with people who are DOING things, running businesses, creating projects, looking to make an impact on the world.

Make no mistake about it…

…this group is a group of doers.

You will find the kind of person that joins Arete is one that is out on the battleground fighting, not one who sits as a spectator in the game of life.

Have you heard of the concept of self-image?

It’s actually taught pretty often in sales education.

I remember reading it in one of Brian Tracy’s books.

Well, being associated with this group impacts my own self-image in a way where it RAISES my own standards.

It keeps me from dropping my standards.

Knowing that there are other peers out there, who are crushing it, and getting it done even in the midst of all this uncertainty…

…keeps me from making excuses with myself.

I don’t let myself off the hook as much, cause I’m holding myself to a higher standard.

Because I see myself associated with this group, it’s holding me to a higher standard.

Tony Robbins says:

“Your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group.”

Do you have the right peer group?

Are they holding you to a higher standard and not letting you fall?

What do your peers expect from you?

4. Learn Practical Skills & Tactics

Aside from the culture and caliber of people in this group…

Another benefit is the content itself.

There are weekly calls where Andy and Ed or a guest speaker will personally break down a tactic they use in their own business.

The content of topics covered varies greatly.

Everything from Sales to Marketing to Building a Culture to Leadership to Spirituality to Mindset to Personal Development—you name it!

They really cover a lot of topics.

5. learn The Core Fundamental Principles of Arete

In addition to practical skills, I learned the core fundamental principles of Arete.

I mentioned this in a previous post, but it’s called FIAT.

It stands for:

  • Faith
  • Influence
  • Aura
  • Toughness

Andy and Ed teach that if you master all 4 of these aspects…

You can scale anything in your life.

Let’s break these down real quick:

FAITH – This doesn’t necessarily point to an organized religion or anything like that. Regardless of personal religion, this just means faith in a higher power. It means having an overall positive disposition of the universe.

INFLUENCE – This is referring to your ability to influence others. Sales certainly fall under this umbrella. So would skills like leadership, and building a culture.

AURA  This is your ethos. In other words, this is your vibe. Or your personal brand. What do other people think about when you think about you or your company?

TOUGHNESS – This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s an ability to endure tough times. It’s an ability to persevere. The more you can do this, the more you will win, period.

Andy says that by mastering all 4 of these aspects, you will be able to scale anything in your life and become a true force for good.

6. HAVE Accountability

In addition to the accountability from just knowing the caliber of people in this group, and what they’re expecting out of me…

There’s also the accountability from paying a couple of grand a year for this program.

Look, this program isn’t cheap.

It’s good because it weeds out the people who are just kicking tires, and who aren’t serious.

So if you’re SERIOUS about success as a duty, about personal development, and the understanding that to improve the world around us, we must first improve.

So if that’s what you believe, then this is the group for you.

I pay a couple of thousand dollars a year to be in this group and just knowing that, makes me run so much harder and hustle so much harder.

It’s like the concept of aggressive patience.

You must take action aggressively against your goals, but at the same time have the patience to know that it is a long term game.

So act with aggressiveness and hustle in the short term.

But in the long term, understand that you must be patient and things happen over a longer period of time.

If any of what I shared with you resonated today, check out the link here.

They are opening up for early registration soon!

It’s not every day that you get a chance to join this mastermind, so make sure you take action now.

Enter your email in the link above to receive info as soon as they open and sign up for early registration!