5 Valuable Lessons From the Knowledge Broker Live Event

Learn the steps you can take to make sure you are constantly growing to inevitably hit your personal goals!



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Hey guys,

This past weekend, I attended Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s Knowledge Broker Live Event.

It’s an event meant to help us better share our skills, and experiences with the world, so others can benefit from the knowledge we’ve gained as individuals.

This was originally supposed to be a live event in Vegas, but obviously, with COVID, that’s not happening.

And if you guys have been following me for any amount of time at all, you’ll know that Tony Robbins had made a tremendous impact on my life.

There were some absolute gems from this 3-day online conference, and I’ll share some of the juiciest ones with you all here.

Want to know the 5 steps you can take to make sure you are constantly growing, and will inevitably hit your personal goals?

Well, get ready to take some notes.

5 Valuable Lessons From the Knowledge Broker Live Event


1. every day, you must FEED AND STRENGTHEN YOUR MIND

If you want to constantly level up, and make the realization of your goals essentially an inevitability… make sure to strengthen and feed your mind DAILY.

You see…

Weeds grow all on their own, but if you want fruits and beautiful crops to grow, you’re going to have to intentionally grow it.

And this takes effort and consistency.

Remember that repetition is the mother of skill.

You must commit to consistently putting good things in your mind.

Just by committing to read 30 – 60 minutes a day will put you ahead of virtually 90% of other people out there by default!

The other thing I’ve noticed for myself is that it’s like upgrading the software to my brain.

After the first few years of consistently feeding my mind, I could tell I was processing information and making more connections faster.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but you will notice a gradual change over time.

Tony shared that what you read is the fabric of HOW you think.

Think about this:

When you read the autobiography of a successful person…

…just by you reading that person’s book, you’re essentially imprinting that person’s thoughts onto your mind.

You are literally BORROWING and THINKING a great person’s thoughts.

Can you see how that would make a profound impact on your character over time?

Another important point here is to stand guard at the door of your mind!

In other words—be careful who you take in content from!

You probably don’t want to take health advice from a severely obese doctor or personal trainer.

Just the same way you DON’T want to take advice from someone who hasn’t actually walked the walk.

A great way to do this is to carve out time whether early in your day, during it, or near the end of your day to read.

Consume thoughtful and relevant content on topics you’re interested in, and which someone actually put some thought into writing.

This can be business books, biographies, autobiographies, personal development books, marketing books, books on other topics that interest you, etc. etc.

The key here is to constantly feed our mind helpful and empowering content that will help us be successful.

2. Feed and Strengthen Your BODY

It’s inarguable that the mind and body are connected.

As your body gets stronger, so does your mind.

There is no true separation between the two, only our concept of each.

With that said, fear is a physical response in your body.

—so is courage.

That’s why it’s important to condition and train our bodies to push beyond what we’re comfortable with.

Because as the body gets stronger, so does the mind.

Something that I do every morning is hop in a cold shower after I get out of bed.

I don’t stay in there too long, but just a couple of seconds under the cold water to jolt my nervous system to WIDE awake mode.

It also conditions my body to ACT when I tell it, without negotiating or complaining about doing it alter.

When I say go, we GO.

Train the body, train the mind.

This is an area of life that I am putting more focus on and taking more seriously.

Training with weights is a great idea—because it trains your body to push through the resistance.

3. Get Yourself Great Role Models

This is super key.

Modeling others—whether it’s a role model from afar or a hands-on mentor—learning from others who have walked the path is absolutely key.

Make sure you learn from someone who gets results.

Going back to the doctor example, you do NOT want to take health advice from an obese doctor!

One common advice I’ve learned from the various role models I’ve learned from over the past year or so is that…

The biggest thing people need to work on, is often themselves.

It’s their habits, the way they think, the way they operate, the conversations they have with themselves, the standards they hold for themselves, and on and on…

As we’ve just experienced the biggest recession our world has experienced in the last decade, I can promise that there have been plenty of people who have benefited from this situation just by understanding market cycles and keeping a pulse on opportunities.

If you will model successful people, and how they operate, you’ll learn distinctions that you can apply for yourself as well.

Remember, success leaves clues.

One thing Tony reminded us of in this interesting time and culture we live in- “stop trying to make a role model of your brother, father, mother, etc. etc. and just learn from them what it is you want to learn!”

In other words, stop expecting this person to be the perfect “everything” for you—and just learn what you want to learn from them!

4. Proximity is Power

This is also super key.

I’ve heard this plenty of times, but as with lots of profound things, our understanding just gets deeper and deeper with time.

And this was definitely one of those things where I started to understand more of the gravity of how important this is.

In one of the masterminds I participate in, our mentors told us that we can execute everything to a tee, but if you don’t get this one thing right…

Which is cutting out the negative people and naysayers out of your life, then none of it will work.

Let me repeat that again…

If you do everything correct in your life, but don’t eliminate the negative people in your life… NOTHING WILL WORK.

That’s how powerful it is.

Proximity is POWER.

Tony told the story of getting some of the most valuable advice of his life from at the time, the richest man in Canada.

The man told Tony to start spending time around more investment bankers—and just by the power of proximity and association, he’d get into more deals with them.

Well, in summary, Tony took the man’s advice, although hesitantly at first.

But it was a result of that proximity to those bankers, that allowed Tony to soon after make $30 million in a day through an IPO, (which was more money than he had made in his life at that point), and soon after $400 million in a day.

Another illustration that proximity is POWER.

As far as proximity goes, nothing beats 1-on-1 personal mentorship.

But that may not always be possible. The next best thing might be an in-person mastermind, or group mentorship.

Then maybe virtual masterminds or mentorship.

Either way, it PAYS to pay to get around people doing exceptional things.

(If you’d like to learn about our mentorship program at Saleslucky, you can go ahead and book a time here to discuss what you need help with)

5. Always Give Much More Than You Expect to Receive

I think the name says it all.

We all love a giver, and no one likes a taker.

I’ll be the first to admit that for much of my life, I’ve been a taker.

But it wasn’t until recently that I’ve dedicated myself to become more of a giver.

It’s a natural evolution, and as cheesy as it sounds… I have begun realizing the benefits and joy of giving.

I also believe that “The Secret to Living is Giving.”

If you ask yourself the question, “Why am I not getting?” Which I’m sure at one point or another every single one of us has…”

That is a question that will only lead to a SCARCITY and NEGATIVE mindset.

You will never get beyond scarcity, you must start beyond it.

Plant or invest what you have now.

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In return for this content I created for you…

I just ask that if you found it helpful, please share it with a friend!



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