35 Days Later – I Found a New Job

So exactly 35 days ago, after working at my previous job for less than 2 months, I got unexpectedly laid off.

I made that post talking about the exact process I would take to get another sales job…

With 160k-200k OTE (On target earnings) in about 30 days.

And as of Aug 26th, I did it.

YouTube video

Granted, being in the Bay Area where the job market is HOT definitely helps…

But hey,

35 days isn’t bad to go from completely unexpected lay-off…

To having 4 offers on the table with my desired salary range.

In my previous post, I explained the exact process I took to do this…

In short,

  • Apply to a 10 job postings/day (per LinkedIn & Indeed)
  • Follow up with job responses to build a pipeline
  • Make sure to prep and show interest in interviews
  • Know how to “sell yourself”
  • And follow up with the process until you have MULTIPLE offers, so you have a strong BATNA

If you find yourself in a similar position, I hope this post helps!