3 Things You Must Do When Starting a New Sales Job

3 Things You Must DO When Starting a New Sales Job

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Hey guys,

So as many of you know, I just started a new job recently…

And as I’m going through the process of building pipeline,

I realized there are 3 things you must do when starting any new sales job….

They are:

  1. Prepare for some pain (discomfort)
  2. Model, but learn like a baby learns to walk
  3. Be Patiently Persistent

1. Prepare for some pain (discomfort)


This may seem pretty obvious…

But to most people, this isn’t always really THAT obvious.

When starting a new role…

Even IF you already know how to sell…

You will still have a learning curve.

You will have to learn:

  • The product
  • The market
  • The competition
  • The customer
  • The pain points and problems solved
  • Situations deemed “buying situations”


Even if you know “how to sell,”

You’re still going to need to learn all these things.

And really,

Learning all these things are going to mean falling down a couple times in the process…

And sometimes that can be a little painful or uncomfortable

But also,

It can be fun if you just embrace that’s going to be uncomfortable…

And start to see it as a fun game,

One where you’ll get to level the fuck up!!

And then it starts becoming really fun…

PS. Side note – the longer you work at a company or in a business, the more you typically make from it.

That’s why it’s important to decide and commit to something early on that you feel you can dedicate yourself to.

So you’re not switching jobs or industries often…

(I’m learning this myself right now).

PPS. I probably didn’t learn that until a year ago.

2. Model, but learn as a baby learns to walk

So speaking of falling down and pain…

Here are some things to help you move through the learning curve:

A) Model

No I don’t mean those models…

I mean model something…

As Tony Robbins would say…

“Success leaves clues…”

So model success.

Model what’s already working.

I would model the best person you can get around.

I would model the top rep.

If you’re starting out, you can listen and learn from other reps as well…

Just to have points of reference to compare them.


Really just focus on learning and understanding why what he says.. works

And then taking what fits you…

And trying that on…


In the words of Bruce Lee…

“Take what works.

Discard what doesn’t.

Add unique what is your own”

Couldn’t have said it better myself, Bruce!

B) learn as a baby learns to walk

When a baby learns to walk…

What does it do?


It is first crawling,

Then it tries to stand up…

But falls down.

And then gets up again…

And falls down.

And then gets up again…

And falls down…

And does this UNTIL he or she succeeds!


The average adult is much different, isn’t he? (I’m glad you think so)

What does he do when he learns something new?

He gets up…

He falls down.

But instead of getting back up again, most people tell themselves that it’s not for them…

And they give up.

And they settle.

For average or mediocre.

But if you’re reading this…

That’s not you.

You realize that when a baby learns to walk…

You don’t tell it to “stop trying” after it falls down a couple times.

You realize it’s the same when learning something new when you’re an adult.

3. “Be Patiently Persistent” 


So the last piece to this is called “patient persistence”

What do I mean by this?

I mean, you want to be patient because it takes time to build a pipeline…

And for these deals to turn into “fruition.”

And you also want to be persistent because…

Let’s be real,

This shit can be hard.

You’re not sitting back filling out a spreadsheet…

You’re making calls…

You’re hustling…

You’re grinding…

Trying to build this massive mountain of a pipeline!

There might be discouragements along the way…

I get it!

So you’re going to want to be Patiently Persistent.

I guess this term was inspired by something I heard from the MFCEO Project by Andy Frisella…

He coins the term “aggressive patience”

OR what Gary V calls “slow down the macro, speed up the micro”

Without getting too wordy here…

Basically it just means,

You want to be patient for your goals to manifest in the long term….

But you want to do as much as possible in the short term (today).

This is especially true in our digital age…

Where we are used to getting things instantly!

So this really calls on our patience.

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