3 Proven Tips to Create Content Effectively

How do you create effective content to share your passion or grow your business?
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Hey, everyone.

Creating content can be challenging at times—but once you do it right, it can be very rewarding.

Content is king.

That’s what they always say in the world of marketing!

But in order to create content and create an authority site or blog…

You must be consistent.

That’s one of the most important aspects of the game.

In fact, there’s a handful of key elements you need when thinking about creating your own content, blog, or any kind of online brand.

3 Proven Tips to Create Content Effectively
1. Consistency

This is incredibly important.

In order to effectively create an authority site or blog, you must be consistent.

In the first year that Saleslucky has been around, there have been over 100,000 words posted across all blog posts.

Given that’s about the length of a full adult book!

Needless to say, it takes consistency and dedication to continuous pump out content.

Whether you structure your day for time to write and create content or hold yourself to a particular post schedule, there must be some consistency in your production.

The main thing that should go without saying is, that your site (I use authority site/blog here, but this equally applies to podcasts, Youtube channel, social media profile, whatever your platform of choice is) and the topic you are covering should be something you are PASSIONATE about.

It should be something that you can talk about at length.

I created Saleslucky because communication and influence skills were a huge painpoint for me growing up.

I am naturally an introvert.

Don’t get me wrong. With my close friends and family, I can be extroverted. Even when I go out with friends, I can be extroverted.

But my nature is more introverted.

I can sit at home with a good book and just do my own thing without really talking to anyone all day.

In conversations or at a party with lots of strangers, I more naturally gravitate to deep, thoughtful conversations than be the one going to meet everyone and working in the room.

Small talk is something I generally don’t like, especially with people I just met.

I’m much more comfortable and interested in small talk and banter when it comes to my real friends.

And that’s why I got into sales and consequently—why I created Saleslucky.

It’s because I’ve learned certain lessons along my journey in the past decade, and I know what it’s like for someone starting out.

It can be tough, there can be a lot of disappointments, confusion, frustration, and a lot of false information on what influence and effective selling are truly about.

So I can talk about this at length.

And truthfully, influence is something I’m deeply passionate about.

I’ll probably be learning about it to one degree or another for the rest of my life.

Also, as you might have noticed, I share personal stories and epiphanies here as well.

Any inspiration that I catch that I think might be relevant or helpful for my followers, I share it.

As a result, I catch a lot of the inspiration for these posts throughout my daily life.

And when it comes across my mind, I’ll simply jot it down by sending a quick text to myself so I’ll remember, and later I can sit down and expand on that idea.

Because of that, I essentially have a (seemingly) limitless amount of topics or content I can talk about.

And because my day job is actual sales, and I’m doing it every day – I’m basically just sharing my epiphanies, lessons, and reflections from my own life.

As a result, I can CONSISTENTLY generate content.

This is absolutely key.

You don’t want to pick a topic where you can only write 5 blog posts or make 5 videos about.

You want it to be something you are really passionate about or are interested in, so you can consistently create content on the topic.

2. Consume content

Another important thing to note if you’re looking to be a consistent content producer is to consume content.

I know it might sound counter-intuitive because this is a post about creating content effectively.

But the truth is that in order to consistently put out content, you also need to be consistently taking in content.

That’s just how it works, it’s similar to food or fuel.

If you consistently put good stuff in, you’re going to get good results out over time.

You can’t expect to eat Mcdonald’s cheeseburgers and pizza all day and expect to have a sculpted body.

Just like you can’t expect to stare at social media click-bait all day and be able to write a book on machine learning.

Taking time to consistently consume quality content that interests you will help generate ideas and inspiration for your own content.

Typically, whatever format of content you like to consume is the format that you’ll be creating.

So for example, I like to read books, so therefore I write a blog.

Obviously it doesn’t have to be this way, but just pick a platform or format that you feel most comfortable delivering content.

For example:

You might not be comfortable or even want to be in front of a camera.

I think it’s a good skill to develop—being an effective communicator and being able to sell on video,

But if that’s not your thing, maybe you might be more into podcasting instead.

Or if Instagram is your platform of choice to consume content, maybe Instagram might be a better platform for you to put out content.

This brings me to another point, which is collecting inspiration when it arrives.

If you’re consistently consuming content that interests you, and you’ve picked a topic you can talk about at length…

…then you’re going to want to capture those moments of inspiration when it comes to you.

You hear this a lot, but what I find is that I often find my inspiration comes in the shower or when I’m out for a walk.

It’s usually when I have some time to clear my head, that ideas for blog posts come to mind.

When this happens, I make sure to capture the idea immediately.

What I’ll do is take out my phone and text myself just a couple of words on the topic.

Then I’ll continue going about my day.

What I’ve found is that just a few words are enough for me to remember the crux of the inspiration and sit down write a post about it.

3. Done is better than perfect

Another point that’s important is this:

“Done is better than perfect.”

The biggest obstacle to most people’s dreams is… themselves.

Most people often think their way out of achieving their own dreams!

Whether that might be hitting their quota or creating a personal brand.

The reason is that they overthink.

And I’m sure you’ve heard the term “analysis paralysis.”

I’ve been guilty of this myself, as I’ve shared that my nature is more introverted, and can be in my own thoughts at times.

But over the years, I’ve developed myself to overcome this.

To be able to execute.

One of the classic truisms you here is “knowledge is power.”

This is actually not true, knowledge is only potential power.

True power is EXECUTION.

True power is the ability to act, and therefore turn what was once a thought into reality.

That’s REAL power.

So correctly said, the main reason why most people never successfully create what they want to in the world is that they worry their way out of it.

If you’re looking to put out your first blog post, type it up, and publish it!

If you’re looking to create a podcast, record your first few episodes and release them!

You must overcome the limiting habit of needing things to be perfect, because otherwise, you’ll NEVER get them done!

If you’re willing for things to be imperfect, and still do them, then you’ll succeed.

You see…

Regardless whether it’s sales or creating content for a personal brand,

You must embrace the suck.

You must embrace that in the beginning, we all suck.

You’re not going to be a world-class writer, Youtuber, or salesperson the first time you try it out.

In fact, that’s incredibly ignorant.

Most people who are professionals in their craft have done it for years.

They’ve most likely stepped up to bat thousands of times before they actually got good at it.

I know that’s what it was like for me with sales.

Once you start winning…

…no one will see the hundreds if not thousands of rejections and failures you’ve had.

But it’s from those failures where you really learned to develop your skills.

It’s from those failures where you actually learned to get good.

And if you have developed skills in an area, you know that it’s exactly your failures where you’ve learned and grown the most.

You see…

Regardless of what field you’re in, if you ask the people who are the most successful in that field, they’ll probably tell you that they’ve failed the most.

I can say that’s certainly true for me with sales.

It was something I had to learn through repetition and learning from lots of mistakes.

But in order to get there, you must overcome perfectionism.


“Done is better than perfect.”

I hope this post helped you with a better understanding of how to create effective content.

Better yet, I hope you actually take action and create your own content!

If you do, I’d love for you to share it with me at [email protected]!