2 Powerful Beliefs That Changed My Life

2 Powerful Beliefs That Changed My Life
2 Key Beliefs That Have Served Me Greatly Over the Past Years
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Hey guys,

Today I want to share with you 2 core beliefs that I’ve picked up over the last few years.

I want to share these beliefs with you, because they’ve served me greatly, and I believe they will serve you too.

Whether it’s in sales or in life, developing empowering beliefs is a KEY to success.

Consistently across the board, I see the most successful sales reps and entrepreneurs are the ones who are committed to leveling up their mindset.

Those who are unaware of just how important mindset and beliefs are, tend to dismiss this stuff as “woo-woo.”

I’m here to say, that not only should you put intention into cultivating these things, but they are absolutely essential.

If you’ve been following Saleslucky for a while, you’ll understand just how important mindset is.

I’d say success is 80% to 90% mindset, and 10% tactics.

If you’re still unconvinced of just how important mindset is, I encourage you to listen to the podcast interview by Tony Robbins with Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx.

Sara built Spanx into a BILLION dollar business by bootstrapping from scratch.

Talk about some serious levels.

So without further ado, I’d like to share with you 2 of the most important beliefs I’ve developed over the last 2 – 3 years.

1. Life is happening for me, not to me

When I first heard this expression, it hit me like a ton of bricks, and then proceeded to seep deep into my soul.

It completely changed the way I looked at life.

This one line.

Changed my entire perspective on life.

You see…

If you’re going through a challenging time, and experiencing some adversity…

Understand that life is happening FOR YOU, not TO YOU.

Know that life/God/the Universe just might be challenging you to grow, challenging you to become more, become stronger, become more skilled so you can become who you’re meant to be.

Having adopted this perspective, I no longer see hardship as something happening to me.

I no longer bitch or complain (as much) when something doesn’t go the way I want it to.

Instead, I try to immediately calibrate ask myself the question,

“How is life happening FOR me, and not to me, right now?”

Then my brain will immediately go on to think of how this situation might actually be helping me in the long run.

I’ll give you an example… if you’re driving your car and you get cut off by someone in traffic.

Instead of yelling, and throwing a temper tantrum, and letting that ruin your entire day…

Ask yourself instead,

“How is life happening FOR me right now, instead of to me?”

And your brain might come up with answers like:

“Well, at least you’re safe, and this could be a reminder to be more aware when you’re driving”


“Well, maybe by getting cut off, you’ve been delayed slightly, which might have saved you from an unexpected accident later down the line”


“Maybe this is a sign for me to be grateful, and appreciate the things I DO have in my life and a be a chance for me to count my blessings”

Either way, you can see just how POWERFUL this belief can be no matter what the circumstance.

Also, you can see how this could be easily applied to a sales situation.

In fact…

The ability to manage our own thoughts, attitudes, and EMOTIONS, is a HUGE component in the art of sales.

The best sales reps also have the highest emotional intelligence.

They know how to navigate their own as well as others’ emotions.

This brings us to the second belief:

2. You & God always make a majority

When I turned 26, I decided to take myself to Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California, for a personal retreat.

Around this time, I had gotten used to being by myself.

When I was 20 years old, I got a DUI that completely changed my life.

From that time on, I had gotten used to spending more time on my own.

I started to meditate, and started getting to know myself better as well.

Anyways, for my 26th birthday, I decided to take this big book (which was like a collection of smaller books) with me to Catalina Island to spend some time in nature and reflect.

Well, on my birthday, I read this book.

And literally, the only thing I remember from it is one sentence.

“You and God always make a majority.”

For some reason, that line stood out to me—and it’s stuck with me ever since.

The way I interpret that is whether you believe in God, Mother Nature, The Universe, or whatever it is you believe in…

That if you have your intentions in the right place…

And what you’re desiring to do is going to BENEFIT other people….

Then if you have the genuine desire to do it, you will always be “a majority.”

Meaning, you will always have God, or whatever higher power you believe in, on your side.

You will win as long as you continue to move forward.

Again, if your intentions are in the right place, and what you’re doing is going to benefit other people…

The Universe will always be on your side.

You want to know something cool?

De-sire in Latin literally means “of the father.”

So that means the definition of the word desire is something that comes from the father.

Desire is God-given.

If you have the desire for something, it means you ALREADY have the latent capabilities inside of you to ACHIEVE that thing.

You wouldn’t have the desire in you if you didn’t carry within you the seeds to make it possible!

How cool is that?

Profound right?

Think of it, why would God or The Universe give you the desire to do something without giving you the innate capabilities to achieve it?

It would make no sense.

Why would this creationary force of nature place the seed of desire in you if you didn’t have the capabilities to achieve it?

It just wouldn’t happen.

So knowing that, the next time you have a deep desire to be who you’re meant to become…

Or achieve what you want to achieve…

You can take great confidence in knowing that you ALREADY HAVE the capabilities within you.


That should give you incredible confidence just knowing that.

I remember I used to feel self-doubt because I would question myself whether I was capable or would the ability to do X, Y, or Z.

But after knowing this…

It eliminated all of that self-doubt.

Anyways, cheers guys.

These have been 2 beliefs that have served me greatly over these past years.

If you choose to adopt them as well, I trust that they may serve you well as well.

As always, if you found value in this post, please share it!



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